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Premium Domains For Sale:

Beside a sale of domains and guitars to raise some money, some may like the way I put my websites together.If you would like a website built by me,or you would like your own extensive networking system built, I can do it for you.If you would like a world wide distribution package put together,on and off line,whether it be a book,artwork,music or film,I will be able to do he work for you and put it into the market place.Nowadays that is much cheaper than you might think.If interested message me for a quote , which will depend largely on how much work would be required.

Please make offers bids for any name listed here to me by email:

Also, you can show an interest or comment at the bottom of the page.

  1. First reserve for these names go to the artist of that  domain name.

  2. Ideally these artists should buy out their own names.

  3. If a buyer should wish for a website to be built on the name, please ask.

  4. If there is a request to manage a site, I would be interested.

  5. I have all these names http: redirect to my own website, temporalily.

  6. If you have any  sales deals, please mention them.I have my own label if you want any recording deals. Authors/Books as well.Distribution deals also.(Cheap nowadays).

  7. I am interested in investment.

  8. Looking for work ? I might be interested.

  9. Guitars. Showroom at the bottom of the page.

  10. You may be interested in this link:                               .com...    ,,,uk    ,,    ,,uk   ,,uk        ,,,,,  uk    ,,,,,,uk     ,,uk   ,,,uk    ,,,,uk     ,uk   ,,com     ,uk

Some Guitars to look at:

Spend some time on my websites.Look around :

A Map of my LiveJournal sites:

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